Simple Methods for Drawing Hands | Easy, Effective Lessons


Simple, Effective Drawing Methods for Hands | No Complex Lessons, Draw Hands the Easy Way

In this class, we’ll draw hands.

What you’ll learn

  • Simple, effective methods for drawing hands.
  • Shape hands realistically.
  • Shade important details.

Course Content

Simple Methods for Drawing Hands | Easy, Effective Lessons


  • This course is practical, so grab a pencil and paper.


In this class, we’ll draw hands.

The most difficult subject to draw and we are going to tackle it. I am not going to bog you down with useless details, unnecessary features and boring step-by-steps. We are going to draw hands. Simple, great-to-look at hands.

We’re not about hyper-realism, we’re about drawing simple hands.

You have seen enough tutorials where too many instructors try their best to teach you how to draw unnecessary details, taking you on a long journey that you really aren’t looking for. What you want is to draw a hand where the fingers aren’t twisted out of proportion or a chunk of the hand is out of place.

Have no fear, my fellow artists, I have what you need in this course.

We are going to draw hands, practical lessons galore. We will sketch, work with some shapes here and there, but to put it simply, you will know what goes where. By the end of this course you can finally draw your subject with their beautiful hands for all to see, instead of shoved in their pockets or behind their back!

Here is a list of lessons we will cover:

  • Skeletal structure to get structure
  • Tissue and tendons to give shape
  • Necessary details to make your hand stand out
  • Some fun and simple shading
  • A tip or two or more along the way!

Join me in this practical course, where we cut out the unnecessary and draw some great hands. Artists, grab your weapons of choice and let us create!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to draw a hand
  • Art Students
  • Illustrators

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