How to use your GPS apps without a connection?


Learn how to download maps of Android apps Google Maps and Here We Go easily to no longer find yourself destitute.

Image 1: How to use your GPS applications without connection?

You ride in high mountains or abroad and suddenly you have no network! It is therefore impossible to locate you and define a route on your GPS applications. You are lost. Before you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, without a network, here are our solutions.

Caution: Downloading maps can represent high data volumes. We advise you to do it over Wi-Fi to not exceed the quotas of your mobile plan.

How to upload your maps to the Google Maps app?

Start by downloading Google Maps if you do not already have it. Once Google Maps is launched on your Smartphone, do a search on the area you are going to visit. Then touch the menu and in the list, click Offline Plans. Google Maps automatically offers you zones based on your location history. Click on Select your own plan:

On the screen that will appear, you will see the previously searched area. You can zoom in or out to adjust the area you want to download. Note that the application tells you how much data will be downloaded. Then click on Download to complete the operation.

How to download maps on Here We Go?

The Here We Go app also allows you to download maps but, unlike Google Maps, you can directly map one or more countries. Convenient if you have enough space on your smartphone.

Start by downloading Here We Go on your Android smartphone and go straight to Settings.

In this new menu, set your  Storage Memory. To optimize your space, it should not be on Internal (the name of the memory card can be composed of a series of numbers and letters).

Then return to the main screen and open the menu. Select Download maps to see the following window:

Select the desired country to download all maps of this country.

Your cards are downloaded! You can now go quietly to remote places or abroad without fear of losing your way.

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