How to recover your deleted messages on a smartphone?


You have just accidentally deleted an important SMS? Do not panic: he is not lost in limbo and you can still find him in a few minutes. Just apply the following method.

Horror, misfortune, all your SMS / MMS are gone! If you have accidentally deleted them, do not panic! They are still potentially recoverable.

Many recovery applications exist, such as SMSBackup & Restore or Go SMS Pro. We opted for MobiKin Doctor, the software recognized for its safety but also its speed of execution. You can download it via your PC, a Mac version also exists, particularly suitable for owners of an iPhone. Once installed, it will allow you to recover deleted messages on nearly 2000 models of Android smartphones like iOS.

Restore your data on your computer

Once the program is installed on your PC, plug in your phone to start the recovery process. MobiKin Doctor will ask for permission to access your phone. In a few seconds, you should see a preview of your text messages on the main screen of the software. Recovering and backing up data on your PC is instantaneous. They follow four distinct steps.

Step 1: MobiKin Doctor detects your device, connects to it, and tells you when the restore is ready to start.

Image 2: How to recover your deleted messages on a smartphone?

Step 2: All recoverable data from your phone is displayed. You can choose the type of data you want to restore from contacts, photos, messages, call logs, videos, audio files, and documents. Select »Messages» then click on «Next».

Image 3: How to recover your deleted messages on a smartphone?

Step 3: It allows you to choose the messages you want to keep (it is possible to select them all if you do not want to waste time on sorting). Once the selection is complete, click on the “Recover” button to restore the lost or deleted data.

Image 4: How to recover your deleted messages on a smartphone?

Step 4: After recovering your data, you will be asked to save it directly to your computer. By default, a new folder will be created.

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