How to increase the Volume of your Phone?


Find out how to boost the volume of your mobile phone beyond its natural limit.

Image 1: The maximum volume of my smartphone is too low.  How to increase it?

When you listen to music on your Android smartphone or when you watch a movie, the sound encoding quality can sometimes be disappointing if the volume is too low or the surrounding noise is too loud. How to increase the sound of your phone in this case?

The GOODEV Volume Booster app can let you enjoy your music and videos again with the best audio optimization.

Start by downloading  Volume Booster GOODEV.

The application is very easy to use. Once installed and launched, you will see a gauge at the bottom of your screen, you just move the slider to the right to boost the sound volume.

Activating the “Show Volume Control” option in the settings will allow you to display the standard volume meter of the device together. This is to better adjust the default sound settings, before boosting the volume of the device.

Do not forget to turn off the application once you have finished listening to music. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your phone scream the next time you use a sound application on your smartphone or tablet!

Warning: as a reminder and as indicated by the application ”  Playing audio at a high volume for a long time can damage not only your device but especially your hearing. Attention, therefore, to use this application in moderation. ”

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