How to Download Free Udemy Courses

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Every one know that from time to time Udemy gives free Udemy courses with coupons…

Here is Tutorial how to download these Coueses. Lets start.

First you need to download Python 3 ( if you have Python 2 you need to update) Offical Python Website

Then you need npm with Node.js … you can download Official here

When you finished installing Python and npm, open Terminal, then write:

sudo npm install -g udemy-dl

Using Sudo because need permission to access files /usr/local/lib/node_modules/, sometimes get problems without SUDO

Then you need to make Account at Udemy.

After finishing your account ENROLL any udemy free course you want to download -> you can enroll as many you can find

You have some free courses here and here.

It is possible that some coupons are finished but dont lose hope ! We will add more soon!

When you Enroll one or more courses open Terminal and write


You need to write your Udemy email ( NOT USERNAME)
and Password

After you write email and Password you see all courses you enrolled, Here is exemple:

Then choose course you want to download in this screenshot we have one course.

After Choosing Course you want to download choose the quality

Dont forget you are choosing with arrow keys!

After we choose quality of videos , it will start to download!

Some more Details

By default, udemy-dl will create a subdirectory based on the course name. If you wish to have the files downloaded to a specific location, use the -o \path\to\directory\ parameter.

If you wish, you can include the username/email and password on the command line using the -u and -p parameters.

udl -u -p $ecRe7w0rd

For information about all available parameters, use the --help parameter

udl --help

Advanced Usage

Usage: udl <course_url> [-u "username"] [-p "password"]

  course_url  URL of the udemy coures to download

  -u, --username    Username in udemy                                   [string]
  -p, --password    Password of yor account                             [string]
  -r, --resolution  Download video resolution, default resolution is 360, for
                    other video resolutions please refer to the website.[number]
  -o, --output      Output directory where the videos will be saved, default is
                    current directory                                   [string]
  -h, --host        Business name, in case of Udemy for Business
                                                          [string] [default: ""]
  -e, --export      Export as JSON                    [boolean] [default: false]
  -?, --help        Show help                                          [boolean]                     

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