How to block pop-ups on my Android smartphone?


Learn how to block pop-ups easily on your smartphone with our selection of apps.

Image 1: How to block pop-ups on my Android smartphone?

Pop-ups can be more than irritating while browsing? Do not panic, here are some applications to help you block them and continue to surf quietly on your favorite sites. A pop-up is a window or tab, most often advertising, that opens “over” the page you are viewing. To neutralize it, here are the settings to apply on your browser.

Stop pop-ups on my Android smartphone with Opera Mini

On the Opera Mini app, an ad blocker is integrated by default. If enabled, pop-ups will automatically be blocked. You can check this setting by going to the menu at the bottom right. A shield icon indicates whether the blocker is active or not.

>> Download Opera Mini for Android

Stop a pop-up on my smartphone with Google Chrome

Go to Menu  > Settings > Site Settings and in Pop-up and Redirections. Then slide the button to “Blocked”.

Note: This feature must be enabled for each site you are browsing.

>> Download Google Chrome for Android

Use Adblock Plus to navigate without pop-up  

Do you know the Adblock plugin on your desktop browsers? Check out Adblock Plus … a specific mobile browser that automatically blocks your pop-ups. Just launch the application and navigate like Chrome. Inadvertent advertisements are filtered and, each time the application is closed, your browsing traces are erased. Provided you have enabled this feature in the settings.

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