Gatling Fundamentals for Stress, Load & Performance Testing Download


Learn the open source Gatling tool and how to stress and load test any application!

What you’ll learn
  • Installation and configuration of Gatling from scratch, with no prior knowledge required
  • Using the Gatling Recorder to model the behavior of your existing application directly into a Gatling script
  • Set up your development environment for writing your own Gatling load test scripts
  • Learn the layout template of a Gatling script and what to add into each section
  • Explore and write core Gatling script functionality such as adding loops, refactoring code to objects, adding test data through feeders and much more
  • Design load test scenarios in your Gatling script, and learn how to execute them from the command line
  • Watch your performance test execution in real-time through the command line in Gatling
  • Analyze the test reports generated by Gatling’s built-in reporting tools
  • Some basic experience in any computer programming language will be helpful
  • Experience with Scala is a plus, although not required
  • Previous experience of any performance testing tool will be a help, but again not required

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of using the Gatling stress testing tool – an extremely powerful, open-source performance testing tool in heavy demand in the software industry today. Write many Gatling scripts from scratch against a target application included with this course, all with guidance.

Why Gatling?:
  • Extremely powerful and flexible performance testing solution
  • An open-source tool, so no cost to use it
  • Performance testers with Gatling experience are in high demand – yet few Engineers know this tool

Why this course?:

Learn all aspects of Gatling including:

Gatling Installation & Configuration, both standalone and in an IDE

Using the Recorder to record your user journey

Writing Gatling load test scripts,

Analyzing test results

See how to write many scripts from scratch to become familiar with the process, each script teaches a new concept

Although Gatling is pure Scala code, I will show you why the excellent Gatling DSL means that no knowledge of Scala is required to succeed with Gatling

Resources for learning Gatling are scarce. It can be overwhelming and intimidating trying to learn this tool on your own from scratch. This course is designed to address that

What are the benefits of taking this course?:

Have fun whilst learning a valuable skill & tool

Command a higher salary

Improve your skills and offer as a developer and tester

This course is for any Developer or Quality Engineer that wants to learn how to use Gatling for adding performance and stress tests to their test suite.

No prior knowledge of performance testing or software development is required, as I will be walking you through the entire process. However, any prior knowledge or experience that you do have in these domains will be of benefit and will naturally aid your learning.

If you want to add an awesome, fully open source performance testing tool that is in high demand across a wide range of software development roles to your skillset, this is the course for you.

Who this course is for:
  • QA Engineers and Programmers with little or no experience with Gatling
  • Anyone using an alternative load testing tool like JMeter,
  • LoadRunner or NeoLoad that wants to learn a new tool
Gatling Fundamentals for Stress, Load & Performance Testing Download

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